Choose Your Experience

Which Is Best For You?

Think of Pure, Spirit and Skeptic as High, Medium and Low Levels of treatment intensity.

The main difference between the three tailored experiences corresponds to the number of Ayurvedic treatments per day. If you would like to experience the full benefits of Ayurvedic medicine, we recommend Pure. If you are new to Ayurveda or would like to combine your stay with excursions we suggest Spirit or Skeptic. Guests select experiences individually. For example, two people travelling together can each choose the treatment intensity that best suits their needs.

Experiences at a glance

Ayurveda Pure, Panchakarma
"It's all or nothing for me!"
Ayurveda Spirit
"I like the best of both worlds"
Ayurveda Skeptic
"Ayurveda what?"
3 consultations with our Ayurveda doctor2 consultations with our Ayurveda doctor1 – 2 treatments a day
5 treatments a day, supplements as required3 - 4 treatments a dayFull-board (Ayurveda cuisine - European dishes also available)
Full-board (dishes according to your dosha / Ayurveda-type)Full-board (Ayurveda cuisine - European dishes also available)1 complimentary excursion for every 2 nights booked
Complimentary daily yoga and meditation1 complimentary excursion for every 3 nights bookedRecommended minimum stay: 4 nights
Recommended minimum stay: 13 nights1 complimentary yoga / meditation session for every 2 nights booked
Recommended minimum stay: 6 nights