Ayurveda Pure (Panchakarma)

It’s all or nothing for me

Pure is designed for guests looking for an intensive and authentic Ayurvedic experience. The Panchakarma is a cleansing and rejuvenating programme that can be customised to meet your health needs.

The minimum recommended stay for Ayurveda Pure is two weeks. This ensures the body has time to regenerate after a period of intense detoxification. Pure guests receive personalised Ayurvedic consultations, 5 treatments a day, Ayurvedic food and supplements, as well as daily Yoga and meditation.

Healthy guests can improve their general well-being and bring their body, mind and soul back into balance. For guests suffering from health problems, a Panchakarma treatment can help relieve symptoms. Please bring your current medical report, laboratory results and any information you would like to discuss with the Ayurveda physician.

During the first phase of Panchakarma, toxins in the body are loosened through the application of oil massages, induced sweating, herbal baths and diet. In the second phase, the toxins are removed. We offer three methods of elimination: Vasti (use of medicinal enemas); Virechano (use of laxatives); Nasyam (use of oils to clear the nasal and sinus cavities). In the third and final phase, the body is strengthened and rejuvenated.

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