Sample Ayurveda Dishes

The Amba kitchen uses locally sourced, fresh produce. Ayurvedic cuisine is customised according to the doshas (Ayurveda-type) and features an exquisite range of vegetables, tropical fruit and mainly vegetarian dishes.

At Amba, we make the ancient healing principles of Ayurvedic cuisine deliciously accessible. Guests are welcome to ask questions, to explore ingredients and for the adventurous, to participate in the cooking process. Cooking classes can also be arranged.

Complimentary teas, customized to your individual needs are available throughout the day.

Please note that dishes are adjusted to suit individual health requirements and personal goals, such as weight loss. European dishes are also available.

Breakfast is served daily from 7.30 – 10.00.

Sample Ayurveda Dishes

Green Soup - Blended herbal soup,
Dosha-balancing (V P K)
Mixed Vegetable Soup (V P K), Dosha-balancing
Red String Hoppers (V P K) served with:
Coconut Sambal (V P K)
Dhal Curry (V P)
Mixed Vegetable Curry (V P K)
Boiled Cowpea (P)
or Green Gram (V K)
with freshly ground coconut
Main course
Steamed Red Rice (V P K)
Curried Leeks (V P K)
Garlic Curry (V)
Nokol Curry (K)
Lotus root Curry (V P)
Brinjal Salad (P)
Green Leaf Sambal (V P K)
Fresh White Fish (V P K)
Fruit Plate - Selection of fruits
according to Dosha (V P K)
Sesame Rolls, mainly (V)
Selected fruits (P, K)