Useful Information

I would like to do an Ayurveda treatment but my partner is not interested. Should we come anyway?

In a word – yes! We understand that everyone has a unique approach to their health and well being. The Pure, Spirit and Sceptic Experiences allow guests to choose individually the intensity of their Ayurvedic treatments. With numerous options for excursions and a beautiful surrounding, we are confident you will each find the right mixture of things to do.

Where did you get the idea for the Pure, Spirit and Skeptic packages?

Sri Lanka has a long tradition of Ayurveda. Local Ayurveda hospitals and resorts offer intensive, full-length Ayurvedic treatments. However, full-length treatments are not for everyone. Some people don’t have enough time. Others are skeptical about Ayurveda and would simply like to try out some of the massages and baths. This is why we developed Spirit and Skeptic – so that everyone can explore Ayurveda on their own terms. Pure offers guests a Panchakarma treatment delivered in a boutique hotel setting.

I started my stay with Skeptic - can I switch to Pure?

Guests are welcome to switch between Experiences during their stay. However, please note the Pure Experience has a recommended minimum stay of two weeks to allow the body to properly regenerate after an intense detoxification process. Switching between Sceptic and Spirit is always possible.

Why do you have a minimum recommended stay?

The recommended minimum stay varies according to the Experience. Pure has a recommended minimum stay of two weeks to ensure the body can properly regenerate after an intense detoxification process. For Spirit, the 6 night recommended minimum stay is designed so that guests can experience the diversity of Ayurvedic treatments as well as benefit from a consultation with our Ayurveda physician. For Sceptic, we recommended a minimum stay of 3 nights so that even ‘sceptical’ guests leave Amba feeling relaxed and revived!

Can I combine a stay at Amba with a sightseeing tour around Sri Lanka?

Of course! Many guests spend a week or two exploring Kandy and the surrounding areas before staying at Amba to relax and rejuvenate. Amba can also be used as a base for day-trips to Galle and Colombo, as well as for visiting many nearby attractions as half-day trips. Please feel free to contact us directly for advice on planning your holiday to Sri Lanka.

What is the best time to come to Sri Lanka?

The official main tourist season is from November until May. However, climate change is noticable here as well. There might be a heavy down pour during the ‘dry’ months, but likewise you might be able to enjoy beautiful sunny days in the rainy season. Whatever the weather, you will feel comfortable in our spacious setting and an Ayurveda treatment might be even more relaxing when rain is pouring down outside! Whatever time of the year you choose to come, Amba is always in season!

Will my Ayurveda therapist be a man or woman?

Amba has both male and female therapists on staff. Female guests are usually paired with female therapists and vice-versa.

How are Amba Ayurveda doctors and therapists trained?

Sri Lankan Ayurvedic medicine is regulated by the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine. Our doctors are generally awarded a B.A.M.S. (Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) from Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka. Amba therapists are routinely monitored and trained by our general manager, Udul Ranja De Silva, who brings over 13 years of expertise in practicing Ayurvedic treatments for international guests of all ages. Our therapists are well trained and have years of experience.

Does your staff speak English?

Our Ayurveda doctor and general manager are both fluent in English. Our doctor also speaks German and Italian. Other staff members have beginner to intermediate English-language skills.

How long is the airport transfer?

Travel time to and from the airport is about 140 minutes each way. If your arrival and / or departure is at night, travel time is reduced to about 120 minutes each way.

I have special dietary needs. Can they be accommodated?

We will do our best to meet your dietary needs. Please let us know your requirements when you make your booking.

Can I order alcoholic beverages?

Ayurveda and alcohol generally do not mix. However, for guests choosing Spirit and Pure we occasionally stray from the rules. Chilled beer and wine are available at extra cost.

Can I drink the tap water?

Yes, Sri Lankan tap water is safe to drink. A water re-filtration system, available in the buffet area, reduces the taste of chlorine. If you feel more comfortable drinking bottled water, it is available for purchase from the restaurant or the mini-bar in your room. Freshly brewed, complimentary teas are available in the lounge all-day.

What clothes should I bring?

Sri Lanka has a hot, tropical climate with downpours year round. We recommend bringing loose clothes made of natural fibres like cotton and linen. In rural areas, Sri Lankans generally dress modestly. While in public, both men and women may feel more comfortable wearing bottoms that reach the knee and tops that cover the shoulders. A sun hat, small umbrella for tropical downpours as well as non-leather shoes or sandals are also recommended.

What should I wear during an Ayurveda treatment?

We supply you with a fresh treatment robe in your guest room. Under the robe you may choose to wear your own underwear or a cloth undergarment that we provide on a weekly basis. Please note that due to the massage oils, your underwear will likely become stained and not usable in the future. Additional cloth undergarments can be purchased from the front desk.

Are children welcome?

Amba is a boutique hotel specializing in Ayurveda treatments. We do not cater to children and strongly advise that if you are travelling with children to choose a family-friendly option instead.

Are the guest rooms air-conditioned?

Yes, our guest rooms are all air-conditioned. Most of our guests prefer not to use it, but turn on the ceiling fan as a healthier and more pleasant way of cooling.

Do you provide a laundry service?

We provide a laundry service for a small fee. Please note that we do not accept underwear, bras or socks. Hand-washed clothes are typically returned within 48 hours. During the rainy season it may take up to 72 hours.

Can you tell me about the voltage, plug-types & adaptors?

Sri Lanka uses 230 V with plug-types D and G. Rooms are equipped with both plug-types and a universal plug adaptor.

What is your smoking policy?

Smoking is forbidden inside the building and on the grounds. Guests who wish to smoke are kindly asked to step onto the beach-front.

How far away is Ambalangoda?

Ambalangoda centre is 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from Amba. Tuk-tuk rides takes 5 minutes and cost about 120 LKR one-way. For the more adventurous, the local bus-stop is a few meters from our doorstep. It also takes about 5 minutes and costs 12 LKR per person, one-way.

How far away is Galle?

Galle Fort is 34 km (21 miles) from Amba. We offer excursions to Galle (stopping at a tea plantation) in a private vehicle at reasonable cost. Galle is also easily accessible by public transport (45 minutes via Express Bus).

How and where can I change money?

Every little town has at least one bank that has an ATM machine. Larger hotels and shops accept major credit cards. Small sums of money can be exchanged at the hotel reception.

Can I swim in the sea?

Swimming in the sea is recommended from November to April. From May to October it is generally too rough. The sea temperature is about 28°C (82°F) year round.

Do you supply towels for the pool?

Yes, we supply pool towels.

Why is the hotel named 'Amba'?

Amba is named after the town Ambalangoda. Although the hotel is located in the township of Balapitiya, it is situated slightly closer to Ambalangoda. Amba is also similar to the phonetic sound of the Sinhalese word for ‘mango’. Can you spot the mango tree on our property?

We welcome any other questions you may have – please contact us and we will get back to you.